4 Useful Review Immortal Romance Casino Slots Online

Immortal Romance Casino slots online

Immortal Romance Casino slots online is one of Microgaming’s most popular slots. Read all about Immortal Romance in this slot review.

The Immortal Romance slot is by no means new: it was created by game developer Microgaming in 2012. For an online slot that is many years old, Immortal Romance still looks great. The best choice in gambling at the trusted judi online.

The theme of Immoral Romance is vampires. The slot even has a real storyline. The designers at Microgaming have taken a close look at the successful TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And to The Vampire Diaries. And to True Blood.

The result is beautiful and surprising. And it’s something different than a simple straightforward slot machine like the wearable Starburst. What immediately stands out is the very pleasant, pleasant soundtrack of the slot. 

Review Immortal Romance Casino Slots Online

1. How Immortal Romance Works?

Immortal Romance has 3 rows, 5 reels and 243 paylines (or actually no paylines, all combinations count criss-cross on the reels). The minimum bet is $0.30.

Four symbols consist of the main protagonists: Amber, Troy, Michael,  who is 800 years old and the seductively dangerous Sarah. In addition, there are two atmospheric symbols: a letter lit by a burning candle and a ghost lock.

There is also a joker, with the text Immortal Romance. And finally a bonus symbol: a copper door knocker in the shape of a lion.

If you turn three of those door knockers, the feature starts . It always consists of a number of free spins, but there are four variants. 

At the start of the feature you will see the ‘Chamber of Spins’, where you will see the four variants.

2. The Bonus Game

You can also get some bonuses from the game. 

1. Amber Bonus Game

It is the bonus of 10 free spins with a multiplier of x 5 on each spin (all your winnings are multiplied by a factor of 5).

2. Troy Bonus Game

It is also the bonus of 15 free spins. On every winning spin, one or two symbols turn into a joker with a multiplier of x2 or x3.

3. Michael Bonus Game

Then, it is 20 free spins. If the winning symbols disappear then the remaining symbols will fall down and new symbols fall into the empty spaces. 

The same principle as, for example, Gonzo’s Quest (from Netent). With every winning combination, the multiplier increases, up to a maximum of x5.

4. Sarah Bonus Game

You can get 25 free spins. Therefore, you spin with an extra symbol on reel 3: the Wild Vine. If you turn this on the screen, up to 15 symbols on your slot will change into jokers.

When you start playing, you can only play the Amber Bonus Game. If you have started the bonus 5 times, you can also choose Troy. 

After 10 times the bonus Michael becomes available and after 15 times the bonus Sarah becomes an option.

In addition, there is a small extra feature: Wild Desire. This falls completely randomly and changes one or more reels of Immortal Romance into a reel full of jokers.

3. The 1000 Spins

We played 1000 spins for the Immortal Romance slot review with a bet of $0.30 per spin. In total, we bet $300.

It’s off to a good start. we have less than 10 spins when the Wild Desire feature appears. The first reel turns into jokers. The result: $3.21 profit. Very Nice!.

The first free spins feature takes considerably longer. Only after more than 400 spins 3 bonus symbols will appear for the first time. The Amber Bonus Game is disappointing: $3.10. In 10 spins with a multiplier of x5.

The normal role-playing game also gives a few spectacular prizes and it is a long wait for the second bonus. The feature that then starts yields an embarrassing $1.10.

After 800 spins, the loss has increased to $87.86. In addition, the last 200 spins make up for a lot in terms of tension. The bonus drops three more times, allowing us to play the Troy Bonus Game one more time just before the end.

This feature is unnervingly exciting due to the extra jokers on every winning spin. We won $29.13 with Troy. Look, that’s starting to look like something.

However, we regret that the test session for the Immortal Romance slot review has come to an end, despite the final loss of $82.18. It is also because of the enchanting soundtrack.

5. Conclusion

Immortal Romance Casino slots online is a beautifully made slot from Microgaming. Exciting, fun theme, very pleasant and good music.

The four different free spins variants are of course intended to keep you playing. However, your achieved ‘levels’ will remain for a while. If you stop playing, you can continue playing where you left off tomorrow.


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