4 Crazy Lightning Roulette Strategy for Winnings Money


You can win up to 500 times of your bet with a lightning roulette strategy for winnings. While roulette is entertaining, there are times when you want to try something new. 

Win bigger prizes, for example. Then lightning roulette is for you, because you can win up to 500 times your bet with this roulette variant. Yummy!

Evolution, a well-known game provider, created lightning roulette. This game is played in a live casino at an online casino.

Lightning Roulette Strategy for Winnings Money

1. How it Works 

Lighting Roulette seems to be difficult, but it is not at all. The rules of roulette are largely followed in this game.

When you start to play the lighting roulette game, you will see a moody art deco studio with a roulette wheel in the middle. 

A presenter sits to the right of that, but he isn’t a croupier because he doesn’t fire the bullet into the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel spins completely on its own.

The bet field is located at the bottom of your screen. This is the same as when playing regular roulette. lightning roulette is available for $0.20 per chip. The most you can bet is $10,000.

2. The Strategy

Some people believe they have a winning roulette strategy, but unfortunately, such a strategy does not exist.

There is no memory in a roulette wheel. Every round in lightning roulette, the ball lands completely at random on a number. It is impossible to predict the correct numbers in roulette. Then there’s the Lucky Numbers.

A random number generator, a type of computer that generates random numbers, determines the Lucky Numbers. 

As the name implies, this also occurs completely at random. You never know when a 500x multiplier will appear.

Some players believe lightning roulette is rigged and that it is not a fair game. That is complete and utter nonsense. Evolution is a well-known publicly traded company that is closely monitored. lightning roulette, like every other Evolution game, is thoroughly tested by third parties.

Evolution is also regulated by a set of international regulatory bodies, including those in Malta, Alderney, Belgium, Romania, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

As a result, you can play lightning roulette with confidence.

3. Tips to Play Roulette Smarter

Almost all bets at Lighting Roulette have the same payout percentage (return to player, RTP) as regular roulette, which is 97.3 percent. Only full number bets have a different RTP, which is 97.1%.

Therefore, if you really want to maximize your RTP, stick to regular roulette. However, you will miss out on the thrill of the lucky numbers and multipliers.

Make a bet via the neighbor print if you’re playing regular roulette or lightning roulette. For instance, a zero game or a short series. Because the covered numbers are next to each other on the disc, it’s much more exciting to watch the ball spin.

Furthermore, a first person lightning roulette variant is available at most online casinos. This is the exact same game, with the same rules and winning odds, as well as a top prize of 500 times your stake. Then, on a computer, it was fully animated.

4. Final Verdict

If you enjoy roulette and want to add a little spice to your game, Evolution’s lightning roulette is the game for you. Winning 500 times your bet is much more impressive than winning 36 times your bet.

The only disadvantage is that when you bet on a full number, your payout percentage is slightly lower, but you get a lot of excitement in return.

Now, you have clearly understood about the lightning roulette strategy for winnings. You can have a chance to win at judi qq a big amount of the money.


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