Deciding The Number Of Poker Hands In A Pocket

Number Of Poker Hands

The Number Of Poker Hands – Let’s say that you’re playing in a weekly poker game with your buddies and they decide to play a “watered down” version of No Limit Hold ’em. After the usual ante and small talk, they show the game and you can’t help but have a little fun.

You hand a couple of your four or five hole cards to each of them, and after a bit of lookin’, they settle on a few predetermined limitations for the subsequent play. Limits? How many hands do you draw to actually play out of the hand?

If they say three, you can play a lot of hands and draw to the strongest of them, or two if they say two. If they say they’re going to play every hand, you’re going to get bored pretty quick unless you’re in a huge limit tournament playing with big money.

Now, maybe that’s just a way to get everyone to have patience, but if you’re the type of person who will constantly snap out of every hand without thinking.

The situation will normally be that you have two weak cards in a row and they’ll either bet you out of the game or check raise you to get a free card. Sometimes they’ll just bet out without giving anything back, but that’s probably close to the average play rate in low limit hold ’em.

Now you have to use some intelligent thinking as far as hand selection is concerned. Suppose you have, say, 8-7 and the flop comes 5-4-J. If everyone checks, what are your odds of getting another eight on the turn or river?

For example, eight of thirteen means you only have two draws left, so you’re only 17 percent to make a hand. And yet you might want to play this hand a little stronger.

Suppose you are, for example, heads-up against an opponent who re-raises to you all-in. Your only hope of winning is to draw a ten on the river, which would be a devastating hand to lose.

You know, you and your opponent each have two of the four cards required to win the hand, but your opponent has three of them. The unusually large amount of implied odds combined with the fact that you cannot beat a two-pair, and possibly a better hand, may allow you to justify a call.

You must give up on the hand, of course, but you mayOnce you factor in the implied odds, you may be able to justify a call or an all-in.

Suppose, for example, that you are holding 8-9 and the flop comes 2-8-4. You have a pair and your opponent has nothing. His pinochle face tells you that he has top pair. Now, eight of the 16 numbers are done and you have a pair.

You are drawing out to beat a hand that doesn’t even have a real card that beats you. This may not be a good opportunity to push all-in because you are risking the chance that your opponent will have a better hand, but the pot is there for the taking.

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The Number Of Poker Hands In A Pocket: Implied Odds

Implied odds are a little more complicated to explain. When we calculate the implied odds, we aren’t looking at the pot just yet. The only thing we are considering are the cards that we know he has.

We don’t know if he is going to keep the hand or not, but we know he can’t have a better hand than we have. We don’t know what will happen on the river, but we know that the pot will be bigger if we keep our hand in implied odds tell us that we probably need to consider getting out of the hand.

When you consider your implied odds you are also considering the possibility that your opponent will also have a good hand, or a very good hand.

We don’t yet know this, but if your opponent has a better hand you are implied odds can be added to your total amount of money you are thinking about playing.

The more you calculate and study your pot odds the better, as long as you are not doing it subconsciously. Continue to practice calculating your pot odds every time you are on the table.

In order to get better at it you’ll have to practice with a calculator (either an online calculator or one at the actual poker table). The calculator will be greatly appreciate if you forget about calculating the pot odds, as you’ll need to check and re-check its suggestions.

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