Qiu Qiu Card Combinations To Know!

Qiu Qiu Card Combinations To Know!

Qiu Qiu card combinations also have different combinations of the 3 cards dealt. The highest combination in the Qiu Qiu game is 3 aces. This means there are 3 aces in all the cards held by friends. The next sequence of cards is 3 KING cards. This is the second highest card combination. Next are 3 QUEEN cards, then 3 jack cards and also 3 10 cards. You can try some of these combinations at Lipoqq for the best quality game.

In addition to cards that have 3 in common, there are also 3 mix cards. This high mix card can be formed with jacks, queens, and kings. Some examples include king jack queen, king king queen, king queen jack, king king jack, queen queen jack, jack jack king, and jack jack queen. There are also other mix cards that are smaller in number. Numbers vary from 30, 20 to 10.

Some examples include king queen 10, queen jack 10, jack jack 10, king ace 9, king 8 2, queen 3 7, 6 2 2, and many other combinations. In the Qiu Qiu game, combinations cannot be memorized but can be easily understood. You only need to memorize the value of each card to understand this one game. There are so many combinations that you can’t memorize them all.

There are also 3 smaller mix cards totaling 29, 19, and 9. This sequence continues to the smallest point. Some of the combinations are 10 10 9, 10 5 4, 3 3 3, and some are as small as 2 2 2 which is worth 6.

Qiu Qiu Card Combinations To Know!
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How to Utilize Card Combinations

In qiu qiu, you are racing to get the best combinations. Not just racing, you need to put them at the right time. Do not put out cards against a player’s cards that are not that strong. Wait for the perfect timing to do so.

Payment System for Players in Qiu Qiu

There are 3 different conditions under which the dealer will pay the players. The first condition is if the player gets 3 aces. If the player gets As As As, then the dealer must pay 3x the amount of the bet placed by the player.

The next requirement is K K K, Q Q Q, J J J, OR 10 10 10. Or a mix of cards from J Q K 10, the point is that the card must reach a total value of 30. Then the dealer will pay 3x the bet money placed by the player. There is also a 9 – 2 point requirement and the dealer will pay according to the player’s partner. In this one condition, you only need to have higher points than the city. If not, then the dealer will win the game.

All of these combinations are combinations that exist in the Qiu Qiu online gambling game. However, there are also situations where the dealer gets the same card as the player. If this happens, then the dealer will always win. / Dy

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