What is Capsa and How to Win Big

What is Capsa and How to Win Big

How to win online gambling – All over Asia, Capsa can be found hand in hand with poker. That is because both of them are card games with similar attributes. Capsa has a long history, and it comes from ancient China. The emperors usually played this game due to the intelligence it requires. If you haven’t read our article on poker, there are a few things you can learn from there. In today’s article, we will teach you what capsa in and how to win big.

There are fundamentals we need to understand before diving deeper into capsa. Capsa is a game with only one goal. The goal is to be the first to run out of cards. At the beginning of the game, you would receive 13 cards. All four players will receive the same amount of cards and will take turns to place their cards. The first player to place a card is the one who holds the smallest value in the game. The lowest card in this game is three, and the highest is 2. So the arrangements start from 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on until it ends at 2.

After the first player places a card numbered as 3, the next players will take the next turn. All players have to compete and place a higher valued card on top of the previous one. Such as placing four after three or kings after 5. But besides the numerical order, capsa also uses the arrangement of suits. The specific order is that a diamond is the lowest suit. The second-lowest is the club, then topped off by hearts. The highest suit of them all is the spade. So you can place a 3 of spades over a 3 of diamonds.

Technicalities of Capsa

Now, as mentioned before, you can place a card on top of your opponents. But if you don’t have a card higher than theirs, then you have to skip. Each round has its winner, and the highest value card determines that. After they have won a round, they get to lead the next round. Starting around means that they can place any combination of cards they want. For example, they can place a flush or straight.

Winning a round is very important in capsa because it can be a game-changer. To top someone off, you need a higher valued card from the same amount of cards. So if a round starts with singles, you can only place singles until the round ends. If the round begins with five cards, such as a flush or full house, other players have to follow too. Other players have to keep placing a higher combination of 5 cards until the round ends. Players keep doing this until all of the cards have run out, and that is how to win big.


As for the combinations, it is quite simple. Low tier combinations are singles, doubles, and three of a kind. Cards are then followed by a straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and finally royal flush. To learn more about these combinations, you can check our article on poker.

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Best Strategies to Consider

First and foremost, take your time to sort your cards out. At the beginning of a round, it can be overwhelming to receive 13 random cards. Look through all cards quickly. Check the suits and their arrangements. If you see a card that you can pair, place them side by side. If you see a card you can make a full house out of, arrange them close to each other. This way, you have planned for the cards to use before the battle begins.

If you play on an online site, maybe what you should pay attention to is whether the site is playing fair in its game and how much is the chance of winning playing.

Winning capsa does not necessarily demand high valued cards. Just because you have a lot of twos, does not mean you can win. Capsa is a game of surprise. Anything can happen, and someone can surprise you with unbeatable combinations of the card. Even if you have a single high card, you cannot use it in a three-card or five-card round. Planning is key to winning a game of capsa.

 So this is what capsa is, and the strategies on how to win your first game.

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