Terms and Conditions

MarioQQ Terms and Conditions of Service apply if you are already using our MarioQQ site services. 

You agree to bear and not harm MarioQQ from various claims resulting from the use of our online gambling site services. MarioQQ is not responsible for the files, data, content of the websites of MarioQQ service users. 

All services provided by MarioQQ can only be used for legitimate purposes (not against the law). Use of our services to violate copyright or trademark is prohibited. 

This also includes distributing unauthorized copies of copyrighted music, books, photographs or other works. Offering or selling counterfeit products or merchandise from trademark holders will have the effect of cancellation of your account. 

Any accounts found to be in breach of someone else’s copyright will be suspended immediately. And all accounts found to be repeatedly infringing copyright regardless of the warning will be removed from our service. 

Users are prohibited from posting and publishing content that contains: 

  • Pornography, SARA, humiliation and general immorality  
  • Things that can cause disputes, anxiet, and terror  
  • Copyrighted material without the permission of the owner  
  • Material that can be used for things that annoy all party  
  • Ponzy, pyramid Scheme and other forms of deception  
  • Phishing, auto likes, auto bots and the like.  
  • Other materials that are not in accordance with laws and regulations the laws of the Republic of Indonesia 

Changes to the Terms of Use of the Service 

  • MarioQQ reserves the right to change its policies at any time   without there is a notification.  
  • MarioQQ has the right to terminate cooperation unilaterally if the user is proven to have violated the terms and terms of service.  
  • MarioQQ and the user agree to resolve the dispute deliberately to reach consensus. If the dispute is not can be resolved by deliberation, it will be resolved in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia. 
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