TOP 10 Free Online Slot Games Win Real Money [New Releases 2021]

Free online slot games are really fun to play, especially for you guys who like playing the online bettings via your mobile devices or PC. Some of them feel so alive, free, and fun when starting to play the game their love much.

Even, they sometimes could spend much hours just for playing the slots online they’ve accessed from their Smartphone.

This is the evidence that playing the slots online is the most fun thing for the online betting lovers. During Covid-19 pandemic, for instance, becomes the big chance to spend the spare time without thinking about the works they should been done.

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Free online slot games can be the reasons how to spend the days with financial benefit opportunity. This means that everybody can get a gold opportunity to grab much more money only from playing fun slot game online.

Well, talking in more details of free slot games, there are so many games you can access and be downloaded from the internet. Hundreds or even thousands of slot games are available there.

You just need to select some that are the best for you, then try to play them with your friends or your virtual opponents. It must be fun to play these games as each free slot game online has been designed in attractive visual/ graphic.

Each game also has different rules and challenges, so the players are going to face the different level of stress point of the game. It sounds interesting and surely you won’t miss the game.

Thousands of Free Online Slot Games Options

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Free online slot games are available in thousands of online casino sites. Everyday, the sites always invite the players to play the games on them. To attract many more players, each site competes each other by promoting many ranges of bonuses, jackpots, and promos.

Not only that, the site always get the most recent upgrade to support the newest version of the page. Why it’s important? A potential player would judge an slot online by its visualization first.

It would more attractive if the site is supported with the updated and completed features. It’s quite perfect if the site has premium features, too.

Premium features of free slot games sites are special, and it’s commonly hard to find. The features generally consist of the service lists, the benefits, and bonus/ jackpot lists.

In particular sites, we can also find the additional features that give us useful information like a simple tutorial to get the bonuses, tips and tricks to win a free slot online, and many more.

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Brief Tips To Find Recommended Free Online Slot Games Sites

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How to find the recommended free online slot games sites? This is also crucial for you guys, especially for you who really want to play for free with a huge chance to win the game. You must be selective before deciding the site you want to join with.

These thousands of slot online sites are varied in offering the beneficial finance. It requires for you to select the one that would give you more benefits than other sites.

Another important thing you must be considered is how the site can be accessed. Do you need to do registration, do you need to download the game first, and many more.

Most of the players of free slot games prefer the easiest sites, meaning that they need the sites with the simplest and easiest procedures before they play. No download, no registration are the examples. The sites with these criterions would potentially be the most favorite and the most fun ones.

We all know that the simplicity and practice things are becoming the part of the recent human beings’ lifestyle. So, it is not surprising that they (the recent players of slot online games) do the same lifestyle.

What are actually the free online slot games? Most online betting experts say that the free slot games are the slot games which can be accessed for free; no download, no registration, and no deposits. The game is free for real.

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The Benefits of Free Online Slot Games

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What are the benefits of the free online slot games for the players? This question is crucial as it would give a brief of information why the games are particularly designed for all slot online players in all over the world (especially for the new comers or the beginners).

Free slot sites, of course, would be the the best choice for the beginners to improve the beginners’ skills. You, as the beginner, can maximize your exercise seasson only with these sites.

You can use different sites everyday if you want. It must be fun as each site offers different rules and playing techniques for all players.

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Free Online Games with Real Money

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More interestingly, most of free slot games sites like pkv games always use the real money for bet. This definitely gives you more chances to get money you dream of. It’s so fantastic as the sites keep providing the financial benefits although they’re free.

But there are also some free slot sites offers the players the game just for fun. This kind of game usually uses the fake money. It’s good site for practicing. Isn’t it?

Just forget the old-version free slot online game and let’s move to the most updated ones. You have many more selections of free slot games site you can access.

The sites have been designed as good as the commercial ones like beautifully display the most upgraded graphics (FullHD or at least 3D) in visualization, premium features, best quality services, etc.

The availibilty of premium features, for instance, of course will give a beginner new knowledge about the real game. He instantly will know the details of features and learn how to win the game with these features support.

Next essential thing for this matter is that the beginners at least have a clear description how to use the features in the real games. Sounds so interesting, right?

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References of Free Slot Games

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Now it’s time to explore more about the most recent free slot games and what the references are. Before we start this fun discussion, it’s better for you to prepare the devices you are going to use.

Whatever the devices you’ve had (PC, Mac Os, Mac, Android-supported Smartphones, or iOs-based Smartphones), all free online machines are  great for all devices.

There are hundreds even thousands options of free online slot games sites you can play. The games are categorized into several groups. One of the most popular group of free slot games is the classic slot online games.

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Similar to its name, the qq online games are visualized in classic look, but not the detailed features. The games use a classic slot game online as the inspiration. The symbols are the examples of parts taken from the classic version.

As the slot game lovers, you will recognize that most of classic online slot games in these days use fruits as the symbols. Classic fruit slot online games offer an attractive visual. The visual is quite different rather than the old version.

The recent classic fruit slots keep exposing high-resolution visual that’s automatically attract everyone who visit the site. Each symbol of fruit is also re-designed into the eye-catching one.

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The colors are also so stunning, so the players would never be bored when playing this kind of classic game.

Next most popular free slot games are the themed slot online games. Do you remember Cleopatra? This game is just one of the most popular slot online game with Egyptian theme.

Actually, there are more references of themed slot games. The inspiration of themes are exactly taken from some sources like TV series, movies, and other crazily interesting themes. Nordic, Norwegian Pirates like Viking are just the examples for this.

Why Themed Free Slot Games are Popular?

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It’s a fact that the themed free online slot games are so poular and always interesting to try. Many reasons why the games are becoming the favorites until these days. Even, the  games have moved other slot games out.

First reason, the themes used in the games make particular players feel comfortable. No wonder why. This matter then becomes the keypoint for the game developers to create and to do advanced improvement on the games.

Even, the developers always produce the newest games with the different themes that have been the hottest trend in most recent days.

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The second reason, the themed slot games online always get the newest upgrade with the advanced feature options. This is absolutly interesting as each player (particularly the player who really like the theme applied on the game) will always wait for what the newest things for the next upgrade.

The players are always curious about the favorite games they want to play, including the details of features and general appearance of the games.

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Hottest Themed Free Online Slot Games

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In general, themed free slot games come  in several options (based on the most popular themes): Ancient Egypt, Fairy Tales, China, Ireland, Wealth & Money, Jurassic Park, Alien, and Guns ‘N’ Roses.

  • Ancient Egypt-themed Slot Online Games

There are several options of Ancient Egypt-themed slot online games. The options are Cleopatra, Leprechaun Goes Egypt, Book of Ra, and Queen of Egypt. Each has been released from different game developers. Each game offers attractive rules and stressing points.

Cleopatra, for instance, is available both online and offline. In more detailed visual, this game exposes typical symbols of Ancient Egyptian like Tutankhamen, Scarab beetles, ankhs, etc. If you are really interested to play this game, go visit the site and get much fun from this game.

Judi Online
  • Fairy Tales-themed slot online games

Probably these games are the favorites for the girls. The chosen themes here are many figures of popular fairy tales like those in Wonderland, Mad Hatters, Silver Unicorn, and Pixies of the Forest. Sometimes, the games also become the options for boys who also love the male figures on those games.

Fairy tales-themed slot games takes particular players as the targeted customers. The game developer has the main goal releasing these games: taking back the customers’ childhood nostalgic moments through fairy tales.

The games also takes magic things as the main theme of the games. To support this, the game developer has used the most supportive graphics that are cute. The animation and bonuses are also becoming the essentials on these games.

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Ancient Culture-Based Online Slot Games

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  • China-themed slot online games

If you get curious about these games, there are several options that can be your next list to try. The options are Cherry Blossom, Choy Sun Doa, and Fortune-8-Cat. Each is released from different game developer.

The China’s iconic symbol like dragons are used in one of these games. You can also find other attractive China’s typcal symbols like lanterns, cherry blossoms, and others where you always see on the Ancient China.

  • Ireland-themed free online slot games

Irish really believe in luck. Irish’s typical symbols used in most of Ireland-themed slot online games are the cheltic symbols. We have leaf clovers, Shamrocks, leprechauns, and gold pots commonly found in the games.

  • Wealth & Money-themed slots

The most popular titles of these games are Cash Splash, Mr. Cashback, and Mega Fortune. Each has the best offering. As the earliest game, Cashsplash provides the most progressive jackpots even today.

TV Series/ Movies-Based Online Slot Games

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  • Jurassic Park

Everybody knows the film and gladly we’ve found the game version. Jurassic Park movie, for example, offers the challenging scenes to the players. Here, you will find so many iconic animal figures that are quitely similar with those in the movie. Looks so fun.

  • Alien from NetEnt

Firstly released on 2014, Alien-themed slot games offers different adventure to you. The game is firstly inspired by James Cameron’s movie action in 1986. Based on the visualization, the game looks similar with a video game, not online slot. But overall, it’s fun to play.

  • Guns ‘N’ Roses from NetEnt

Everyone like this rock band and it’s magic as this legend has been an inspiration for releasing the slot games. Probably less of players get curious how to play this game. Should they guess Guns ‘N’ Roses’s songs?

All things about free online slot games are very interesting. Even all those related to how to play them online/ offline, the game variations, the bonuses/ jackpots, the game options based on the categories (classic or themed-games), and special offers available on the slot game sites.

Now, it’s your turn: what the game is the best? The classic or themed one? Whatever the game you’ve chosen, free slot games are always fun to play.


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