Conflicts in Football are Common

Conflicts in Football are Common

The game of football is no longer a strange game. In it, there are many dirty practices that involve many parties. No wonder there are various conflicts in football that often surprise us. The existence of various conflicts or some bad practices can be one of the things that tarnish the sportsmanship value of sports, especially football. Football should be a medium for people to channel their interests and talents, not a vehicle for conflict.

What is regrettable is that these various conflicts also have a bad influence and image. Those who commit various bad actions to conflict in football are actually done by those in clubs or high positions. This certainly does not set a good example in the atmosphere of football. When nowgoal shows the number of goals in one team, for example, in it does not purely give the real number. There are various types of manipulation by various groups that tarnish the value of sports.

conflicts in football

The existence of polemics in the world of football is not a strange thing, now many have made football a political playing tool. This dirty game that uses football as a bridge can even lead to corruption and soccer mafia. Conflicts in football involving various important people show that this game is prone to being infiltrated by various interests.

Through, for example, the game of scoring is often arranged in such a way as to show that the game of football is not pure or impure because of the match. This conflict in football provides evidence that soccer is used as a tool in carrying out certain interests. In addition, there is a power struggle which also provides evidence that soccer is a sport that has a high demand. No wonder there are so many conflicts of interest in it.

Various cases involving high-ranking soccer team officials and involving various state officials are also proof that football has indeed become a sport that has become a platform for playing various interests by many groups.

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