Step Guide to Playing Domino Qiu Qiu Game

Playing Domino Qiu Qiu Game – In the game of Domino Qiu Qiu there are 28 dominoes that will be needed in the game. The maximum number of players is 6 people and each player will get 4 cards each. Each domino has 2 sides, the top and bottom are separated by a line.

Each card has a different nominal depending on the number of circles that the card has. The following is the easiest way to group the dominoes so they are easier to remember. Doing profitable activities on Domino99 can be an excellent primary option.

Counting the Number of Cards in the Domino Qiu Qiu Game Steps

Domino Qiu Qiu Game

The following will explain how to calculate the number of cards in the Domino Qiu Qiu game. The number of circles on the domino card indicates the value that the card has, for example a domino with a number of circles of 5 on both parts, so the value of the card is worth.

If the number of circles is more than 9, the first digit will be omitted. This is because in this game the highest number is 9.

Example :

6 + 6 = 12 so the number 1 in front of the number 12 will be removed until the value becomes 2 only.

12 + 12 = 24 so the number 2 in front of the number 24 will be removed until the value becomes 4 only.

In the domino qiu qiu game, players will get 4 dominoes obtained by the dealer. The card can be divided into 2 areas, namely the left area as well as the right area.

In this domino qiu qiu game, the nominal amount of the card will be displayed automatically on your monitor until you no longer need to count it.

How to convince the Winner of the Domino Qiu Qiu Game

Peak Balak. In this step of playing domino qiu qiu, the winner will be decided by the value of the log card owned.

Peak Number of Circles. The second rule is the number of circles that are owned on one side, which is the peak.

Ownership of Balak Cards. Players with log cards in hand will be seen as having an advantage over players who do not have log cards in hand.

In the online domino qiu qiu game there are several cards that Special sees, this card is a rare card if you get it so the light icon will light up as well, here are some of the special cards:

1. Big Pure Card

Level 4 cards in the special card group. If the number of domino qiu qiu game cards in your hand is 39 – 43, then your card is included in the Big Pure Card. This card is Special because it is no longer owned by another player until you will be assured of immediately winning the game in that round unless another player has a log card, a six god card or a small pure card.

2. Small Pure Card

Level 3 cards in the special card group. If the number of domino qiu qiu game cards in your hand is 6 – 9, then your card is included in the Small Pure Card. This card is special because it is no longer owned by other players until you will be assured of immediately winning the game in that round. But you are seen as losing if your opponent has a balak card or a six god card.

3. Balak/Twin Cards

Level 2 cards in the special card group. If the 4 domino qiu qiu game cards in your hand are Balak, all of your cards are included in the Balak card, you are also sure to be the winner of the game in that round unless another player has a six god card.

4. Six Gods Card

The level 1 card is also the highest card in the special card group. If 4 domino qiu qiu game cards in your hand each have a value of 6, then your card is included in the Six Gods card and is also guaranteed to be the winner of the game in that round.

That’s our review of Step Guide to Playing Domino Qiu Qiu Game, hopefully it can bring good luck and be a source of inspiration for you. Thank you, good luck. /Aha

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Conflicts in Football are Common

The game of football is no longer a strange game. In it, there are many dirty practices that involve many parties. No wonder there are various conflicts in football that often surprise us. The existence of various conflicts or some bad practices can be one of the things that tarnish the sportsmanship value of sports, especially football. Football should be a medium for people to channel their interests and talents, not a vehicle for conflict.

What is regrettable is that these various conflicts also have a bad influence and image. Those who commit various bad actions to conflict in football are actually done by those in clubs or high positions. This certainly does not set a good example in the atmosphere of football. When nowgoal shows the number of goals in one team, for example, in it does not purely give the real number. There are various types of manipulation by various groups that tarnish the value of sports.

conflicts in football

The existence of polemics in the world of football is not a strange thing, now many have made football a political playing tool. This dirty game that uses football as a bridge can even lead to corruption and soccer mafia. Conflicts in football involving various important people show that this game is prone to being infiltrated by various interests.

Through, for example, the game of scoring is often arranged in such a way as to show that the game of football is not pure or impure because of the match. This conflict in football provides evidence that soccer is used as a tool in carrying out certain interests. In addition, there is a power struggle which also provides evidence that soccer is a sport that has a high demand. No wonder there are so many conflicts of interest in it.

Various cases involving high-ranking soccer team officials and involving various state officials are also proof that football has indeed become a sport that has become a platform for playing various interests by many groups.

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Death Stranding Review, Game Lot of Mystery

Death Stranding Review – While waiting for the newest games for 2020, some time ago we finished playing Death Stranding. As we already know, this is a game created by Hideo Kojima, the phenomenal figure behind the Metal Gear Solid game. Since separating from Konami, he has been very ambitious to create several games with an eccentric concept. One of the games we’re going to review is Death Stranding

Admittedly, Metal Gear Solid also has an eccentric element and turns to be more boring when not in your hand. Death Stranding was the fruit of Kojima’s unique thought, and it turned out that he won several awards at the Game Awards. What kind of gameplay is offered? The following is a Death Stranding review.

Death Stranding Review, The Storyline

Full Story of Death Stranding

As soon as you start the game, you are immediately brought into a fantasy world with pretty awesome graphics. Death Stranding review tells the story of a courier named Sam Porter Bridges. Courier is no ordinary job in this game.

As a result of various phenomena that occur, only “chosen” and courageous people can explore the world openly. As you progress through the game, you will realize that being a courier also has all kinds of challenges and life burdens. Even this life burden is quite complex.

It doesn’t take long, players will be treated to a fairly short prologue, and it does invite a lot of questions. The only way to answer all these questions is to move Sam and get to work with him.

A Lot of Mystery on the Death Stranding 

Death Stranding Review, Epic Playstation Game

The depiction of the fantasy world of Death Stranding review also has a lot of mystery since the beginning of the game. The plains mixed with vast heights, cool green meadows, but strange because there are almost no humans you can meet on the way.

This was because the world, more precisely the fantasy United States at that time had experienced a phenomenon called Death Stranding. From here, there will appear a lot of terms that are quite a lot and unique. Knowing all these terms will immediately remind you of the characteristics of Death Stranding.

As seen on Death Stranding review, the fantasy world of Death Stranding is the United States which is now openly uninhabitable. As a result of the Death Stranding event, the humans had to take cover inside the underground city from the outside air which had many effects. Rain or time fall can make objects that are touched quickly obsolete, including humans.

Plus BT, which often appears every time fall that never stops in a certain place. Based on Death Stranding review, there’s also MULE, a human who lives independently but tries to steal cargo from every courier that passes by. This also has an impact on logistics distribution, so shipments must be made individually. Therefore, couriers and porters are the toughest jobs.

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The Storyline Development

As written on Death Stranding review, the storyline develops along with the missions Sam must take. Its mission is none other than sending cargo to various places. Apart from cargo, he is also tasked with connecting each location to a network called the chiral network. This network is like the internet in the real world.

However, not all shelters are willing to connect themselves, because there are political elements that will unfold as the game plays. As a courier, Sam also had to make sure the cargo he was carrying was safe and intact. It is not easy to deliver cargo because there are almost no distribution route supporters.

This meant that Sam had to cross rivers, climb mountains, until he crossed MULE territory. Therefore it is important for Sam to prepare various additional equipment such as ladders, hanging ropes, or special cargo supports.

Single Player Concept on Death Stranding 

One of Death Stranding’s excellent features, as you can find on Death Stranding review, is the single-player concept that gets a bit of a multiplayer element. You can share routes and maps that are equipped with various equipment with other players and vice versa. Of course, you can get this idea on Death Stranding review.

When an area is connected to the chiral network, you can immediately see a variety of important information about the area, such as MULE or BT location, where the timefall often appears, and equipment that can support your movement. This means you don’t have to fend for yourself when creating the fastest shipping route.

Trick To-Do  and Physical Conflict on Playing Death Stranding 

Death Stranding Review, Game Lot of Mystery

According to Death Stranding review, many players tried to create a fast shipping route without using a truck or reverse trike. The trick is to build a zip-line, which comes in handy when you’re in mountainous regions. Not only fast, but this zip-line can also be built easily.

When talking about physical conflicts, Sam will often face MULE and BT. If MULE is a human, BT is a creature that can be described as a “curious spirit” and has the power to take you to another world.

The phenomenon of Death Stranding causing killing is taboo, because humans who die will not enter another world, and become frightening enemies in the human world.

When faced with BT, Sam can escape until it’s safe or face them head-on. When defeated, Sam will not die, but the impact of his death is a huge explosion that will make an impression on the world of players.

To deal with BT, he is equipped with a gun with a special bullet containing his own blood, and a box containing a live baby named BB. This baby can detect BT’s location, so it’s a very useful role when you want to avoid a tough fight. You can get more insight about this in Death Stranding review.

Death Stranding & Well-Known Actors and Actresses

The main feature when Death Stranding was announced was the presence of well-known actors and actresses. Call it Norman Reedus who also played in the series The Walking Dead, director Guillermo Del Toro, Lea Seydoux, Troy Baker, even Mads Mikkelsen.

Do not miss important figures in the gaming industry, such as the creator Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley. This can indeed increase interest in playing because of familiar faces in the film industry.

Exclusive-Style Gameplay

Overall, these dynamic and distinctive gameplay techniques give Death Stranding an exclusive style of play. This is very different from games in general which give players the opportunity to resolve conflicts by force.

You are given quite a number of choices to resolve the conflict. With the right equipment, Sam can complete the delivery quickly. As you can read on Death Stranding review, there are more choices to solve the physical conflict. You can select one that’s the best and most effective to get the score.

Graphic Quality

The graphic quality of Death Stranding also doesn’t need to be doubted, because it manages to depict a worldwide environment, unique and challenging topography. The game presents amazing visual effects.

Cons of Death Stranding

The only drawback I saw was the main antagonist, who after playing for a while, you will find that he lacks a strong villain spirit. Of course this has a potency to make all players get bored quickly. They can’t find the biggest challenge to fight against the villains. 

Game Details

DeveloperKojima productions
PublisherSony interactive entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4; Microsoft Windows
ReleasedNovember 08, 2019
PriceUSD$39,99 at
USD$18.98 at
Official Site

Death Stranding Review

Let’s talk about the eccentric concept. Maybe we can say that such a unique concept is Kojima’s masterpiece. We can obviously see the concept is well applied to the gameplay, storyline, and world mapping of the game.

The way the characters fight and face the conflict becomes the next point plus for this game. In addition, there are many popular actors and actresses who are the dubbers of each character in the game. 

These famous public figures not only play as dubbers, but some characters of the game have the same visual as those actors-actresses. The facial features and interaction style make us feel like watching a movie. 



As reviewed on Death Stranding review, we can draw the conclusion that Death Stranding is so amazing and has the best graphic on PS4. The game deserved to win a lot of gaming awards.