Lists of Trusted Gambling Sites in The World

Best Online Betting Sites in the World

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Best Online Betting Sites in the World

Best Online Betting Sites in the World ― The online gambling world just keeps on getting wider and wider every single day. It is up to you to find which one is the best out of them all. Some may even give you more bonuses than the others. But be sure to see if those bonuses still makes sense.

In today’s articles, we are going to summarize some of our best online betting sites in the world. These websites will include different kinds of varieties, quality, amount of players, and so much more. So hang tight and sit with us until the end.

Lists of Trusted Gambling Sites in The World

Best Casino Site

In today’s articles, we are going to summarize some of our best online betting sites in the world. These websites will include different kinds of varieties, quality, amount of players, and so much more. So hang tight and sit with us until the end.

Bet 365

Bet 365 is one of the best betting website there is out there. If you have ever watched sports matches such as football or soccer, then you must have seen Bet365 as one of the sponsors. Bet365 is a high class and very trust worthy site. So you do not need to worry about quality when trying to play in this website.

Party Poker

Party poker is an amazing website with a wide variety of poker. This gambling site is always dedicated to serve many kinds of poker such as Omaha, Texas Hold em Poker, and etc. This feature make Party Poker included as the # 2 in the best online betting sites in the world.

Party Poker

Party Casino has a bit of similarity compared to our number 2 choice. But here, you can earn up to $200 player bonus with a minimum deposit of $20. Although there are some kinds of terms and conditions to be followed, the amount of bonus is considered very profitable. So if you are looking for a website with full live casino feature, you might want to try this one.

Party Poker

Next up, we will switch the US currency into Euro. Because on this casino, Golden Euro brings the European vibes as well as varieties of games. Some of which are Roulette and Baccarat onto the game play. The bonus on this casino is around 200 euros as well, so make sure you grab the most out of it.


Another high quality best online betting sites in the world is Marathonbet. Marathonbet is known for its best odds on favorite teams. So if you are looking to place safe bets, then this website will offer you a a favorable bet. This site also offers you live betting which is kind of hard to be found elsewhere.


Our next best online betting sites in the world is 1xBet. 1xBet is an international website that is best with the live casino. It offers the real dealers that are being stream 24/7. So you can login to the website anytime that you want. And they will serve you with a HD streamed online gambling game of poker.


Want to try an online gambling website without much hassle? Unibet does not put a lot of terms and conditions. That is why many bettors are able to take advantage of their 40 euros deposit bonus. This website is named as the number two biggest bookmarkers of sports betting and other types of casino betting. This is a website worthy of your time.

Pari Match

Pari match is another best online betting sites in the world due to its highly ranked arcade games. This website offers a wide variety of fun in play games. Such as arcade games, roulette, fishing games, slot games, and so much more. Choose your games wisely because their games can get addicting. The pay line itself is considered as a good paying RTP.


Bwin has been a sponsor for so many different football matches. It is truly a best online betting sites in the world due to its wide variety of games. This gambling house is able to provide you many different leagues in the football industry.

William Hill

Our tenth best online betting sites in the world sits on the websites for elites. If you love gambling lounges, then you might want to try William Hill. William Hill is a website that is best for its live action and real time betting. You can bet against real players with a real dealer serving cards. So make sure you sign up with them to find some of the best deals on the internet.


Looking for a free score and a quick game? Betsson gives out free bonuses without having to deposit anything. Betsson is an international website that focuses a lot more on the European region. You can bet with low margins and high rewards. This makes it easier for beginners to join in on the fun. Betsson is always a good place to start off your gambling endeavour.


Another fun website to visit is betsafe. Betsafe is rated as a best online betting sites in the world because it offers players good odds on favorite. Such as when you want to choose on a dominant team. Then, you could also take advantage from the arcade games. This will make it extremely fun as well as profitable to try.


Betfair offers free bets starting from 20 euros and even up to 100 euroes. It is actually ranked #1 as a best betting exchange website as well as the best live streaming website. People can easily withdraw their money without any hassle. Betfair is also great and it is proven to be so due to its high traffic up to this date. So if you are a new bettor or even a professional one, come take a look at this website.

Mega Pari

Mega Pari is another one of those websites that really focuses its scope on card games. Some of the best card games that are served in this website are such as Texas Hold Em Poker, Omaha, 5 Card Stud, Baccarat, Blackjack, and even Craps. People often has a hard time when trying to find the best gambling website with a lot of variety in card games. That is why Mega Pari will surely fulfill your card game cravings.

Betway Sports

We have all surely heard of this online betting website. Betway Sports offers games that are solely within the range of online sports betting. It has a high rating because the odds are always favorable to all players. Whether you are choosing a dominating team or even an underdog, you will be given an odd of at least 2 times the amount that you are betting. Betway Sports is also one of the few websites that is able to offer other kinds of sports such as swimming, basketball, and even e-sports related matches.

Betway Sports

A gambling website often limits the ways in which you can deposit, but that does not really apply to Vbet. Vbet is a website that is dedicated to giving a lot of alternative ways to deposit. Some of which are local bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency. This makes it easier for international bettors who does not have the option of using debit cards or credit cards.


Matchbook is an amazing sportsbook and is considered as one of the best online betting sites in the world. It is internationally recognized as a trusted website. Many people have started going and trying this website. Besides its football matches, people can also try basketball matches, and bet on the scores of those matches. This makes it easier to bet on players, options, handicap matches, as well as other kinds of varieties.


Betwinner on the other hand is nominated as a best online betting sites in the world because its sole dedication is focused on arcade games. So if you are interested in playing arcade games such as slots, roulettes, and so much more, you can definitely try betwinner. Betwinner is a must try because they have odds of up to 99 %. So you have a high chance of winning as well as gaining lots of jackpot.

Red Casino

Last but not least, let us bring in a little of an oriental twist. Red Casino is considered as a best online betting sites in the world because you can play other games such as domino and capsa. Both of these varieties are hard to find if you are new in the betting scene. Especially if you want an oriental online betting scene. Red Casino is a good choice for you if you are already experienced in playing online card games.

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The Best Betting Sites in Indonesia 2021 List

The Indonesian government strictly prohibits all types of gambling in its territory. However, that doesn’t mean there is no gambling. All types of betting games exist in Indonesia. And that you can easily access via the internet.

Lists of Trusted Gambling Sites in Indonesia 2021

Best Gambling Site

The gambling business in Indonesia is even very lively. If you are interested in playing the Indonesian version of gambling. Here are a List of Best Online Betting Sites in Indonesia.


Naga95 is one of the top credit card slot game providers or websites in Asia. You can play this online slot agent easily anytime, anywhere, including from home. Casino gambling sites are considered very attractive because they use online-based jackpot machines that have variations on several well-known platforms and of course fair play.


Bigwin333 is one of the Trusted Online Slot Sites and the biggest Soccer Gambling Agent in Indonesia. They serve and provide the best online gambling experience. They claim to be online gambling providers that can boost your adrenaline. Trigger the thrill of the most fun betting.

Garuda Game

Garuda Game which is the most trusted and largest online gambling Site in Indonesia. As the Most Complete Online Poker Gambling Site, of course they provides various kinds of card gambling games that you can play on our site using only 1 account. With the Progressive Jackpot for each game, it certainly makes the game more challenging and interesting to play because it can give you huge real money benefits.


Nusantara88 is one of the most trusted online gambling site and online slot agent in Indonesia. They are the best gambling game provider, with global gaming industry standard quality. There are a lot of recreation games provided by this gambling agent. One of which is the combine parlay and soccer gambling game. This game is very interesting and fun.


Untung88 is one of the largest online slot game sites in Indonesia. Not only famous in Indonesia, other loyal customers from all over Southeast Asia also enlivened their site. Apart from the variety of betting games they offer, Untung88 also become a favorite among the thousands of their loyal customers in Indonesia.

Raja Eropa

Raja Eropa is a reliable online gambling site in Indonesia. As a trusted online gambling provider, it has years of experience and thousands of members from various types of online gambling games. Such as soccer gambling, casino gambling, shooting fish, online slots and online poker.

MPO Api Slot

MPO API SLOT is an MPO Slot Online gambling site that provides hundreds of the most popular types of games in one platform. Supported by a professional technical and customer service team that ensures the registration process and the game takes place in a fair, safe and fun way.

Elang Naga

Elang Naga provides hundreds of different types of online gambling games and various sportsbook competitions. To ensure a 100% safe and fair online gaming experience, they always keep players' information confidential. Supported by 24-hour customer service, which is available 7 days a week, their expert staff will ensure that all issues you face will be dealt with quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner.

Things to Consider When Looking for Good Gambling Websites

Efficiency of Deposits

One main criteria that you need to really call a website as the best online betting sites in the world is regarding deposit. Deposits should be as less time consuming as possible.

First of all, deposits should not take much time to do. The maximum amount of time needed to do deposits are around 2 to 10 minutes tops. And then, these kinds of deposits must be safe. The safety of deposits are very important. Because when doing a bit of deposit inside a website, you need as much guarantee as possible that the transaction will go through.

On top of it all, make sure to find best online betting sites in the world that can provide easy transaction without any extra fee. As a customer, you want to play without having to be charged all the time. Methods may also be a factor to consider. More deposit methods means that transaction is easier to happen.

Easy Access to Bonus

Every player will want to earn a huge amount of bonus. Bonuses can be really helpful especially for new bettors out there. With the help of bonus, you can gain up to 50 % extra money from your deposit.

Some of the most popular amount ranged from $100 up to $ 200. Because any fee above that is not legit at all and can be a scam.

You might also want to look for bonuses that can be withdrawn without having to deposit anything. These types of website will give free trials as well as a huge chance for you to win some money back. This way, everyone has an experience to grasp at online gambling.

Variety of Bonuses

Having all of the games wrapped up all nice and tidy in one best online betting sites in the world is very helpful. Because as a bettor, you do not want to keep creating new accounts all day long.

For example, you want to play different types of games such as Poker, Domino, blackjack, baccarat, slots, sports betting.

You need a specific website that is able to cater to all of these needs. There are plenty of websites that we have mentioned above. These websites are able to offer you bonuses as well as a huge variety of bonuses. Varieties such as poker, slots, and sports betting are a must when you are looking for varieties.

How do you recognize a reliable gambling site?

Nowadays there are so many gambling sites that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. This does not make it easier to find a reliable gambling site where you can gamble safely.

We at Mario QQ are happy to help you with this. That is why we have written objective gambling site reviews and only the best gambling site is recommended.


The most important thing you can use to identify a reliable gambling site is a license. Gambling sites in various legal, licensed areas are always checked by the authorities. Apart from granting licenses, they also supervise and protect the players while gambling.


The welcome bonus is generally the first bonus a player encounters. You get this when you register yourself as a new player. This is ideal for increasing your balance. However, there are conditions attached to these bonuses. It is important to us that the conditions are clear, realistic and fair.

Gambling sites almost all give away a bonus to attract new players. This can be a percentage on top of your first deposit, and often you will also receive a number of free spins. It can also happen that you get a bonus without having to make a deposit, this is called a ‘no deposit bonus’.

Game offer

Of course, the range of games is important to assess. In order to serve the players as well as possible, an extensive and varied range of games must be available. The popular games should not be missing. What should not be missing nowadays is a live casino.

In addition to the range of gambling games, we also look at the fairness of the game. If the gambling site has a valid license, the games are also checked and locked. Thus, the Random Number Generator (RNG) cannot be modified. The RNG ensures fair odds with random outcomes during online gambling.

Live casino

What can no longer be missing from a gambling site is a live casino . In this slot games are offered with real dealers by means of a video connection. In this way you experience the experience of gambling, but from your own living room.

During the assessment, not only the presence of a live casino is taken into account, but also which software provider is supporting. Some well-known providers are Evolution, NetEnt, Habanero, Playtech and Microgaming.


When you think of Design, the first thing you probably think of is the appearance of a gambling site. We certainly look at this, but at least as important to us is the user-friendliness. The players should feel comfortable when gambling at any of the recommended gambling sites.

Payment methods

Safe gambling with real money is a must. Gambling sites must offer the possibility to deposit money safely. They often offer multiple ways to do this. They want to make it as easy as possible for you to deposit money.

On the other hand, you as a player prefer to have your money won as soon as possible. The speed of payout is therefore a factor that we at Mario QQ pay attention to when assessing a gambling site.

Help desk

When a player encounters problems while gambling online, a reliable gambling site should be available to help. Whether you are a novice or experienced player, a helpdesk should answer in the foreseeable future. Online gambling continues 24 hours a day, which is why the help desk must also be available 24/7.

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